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The Board and Management believe that effective corporate governance and duty of care to shareholders are integral to the long-term success of Mandalay Resources. The Board supports the Company through its stewardship and governance over management by continually reviewing and monitoring developments in the field to achieve a higher standard in corporate governance.

The Company is compliant with all applicable Canadian Securities laws and the laws of the jurisdictions of our operations.

Constating Documents

Certificate of Incorporation

Board Documents

Board of Directors Charter
Position Description of the Chair
Position Description of the Lead Director

Board Committees

Safety, Health and Environmental Committee Charter
Audit Committee Charter
Compensation, Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee Charter


Advance Notice Policy
Code of Business Conduct and Ethics
Environmental Policy
Majority Voting Policy
Non-Discrimination and Harassment Policy
Safety and Health Policy
Timely Disclosure, Confidentiality and Insider Trading Policy
Whistleblower Policy

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